Life in Mamba Village is always exciting, and the Place offers dance club and resting parlours that cater to a variety of entertainment tastes. Or, you can always catch a movie at the cinema, go bowling, or grab a drink at our pub.

Mamba is also home to a variety of different animals, the most common being Crocodile and Snakes. Mostly reptiles..

Similarly, there is diversity in the cuisine available to visitors, including a host of quality meals offering everything from British, Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisine, to a variety of local and traditional Kenyan dishes. Given its ocean-side location, seafood options are abundant and outstanding and can often be eaten within a couple of hours of being caught.

What Mamba Village is all about.

Mamba village is East Africa's largest crocodile farm that features a comprehesive tour as well as video presentation on the life cycle and beheviour of crocodiles.The highligths of many vistors is the scene of crocodile fighting for food during feeding time. Mamba village is divided into different sections which include the crocodile farm, the horse and camel riding, and floura magic, which is bonatical garden.Orchard and aquatic plants are the speciality but they also display carnivorous species, marine aquarim and snakes. The restaurant specilizes in game meat such as crocodile,ostrich and zebra.Hobbies & Activities category: Children activities; Culnary attraction; Gerdenor Botanic display; Zoo or animal collections.